Honorary Consul - Orlando

Hon. Toby Unwin
Toby Unwin was inaugurated as The Republic of Austria’s Honorary Consul in Orlando in 2006. He was the youngest person ever to be appointed an Honorary Consul by The Republic of Austria. His territory encompasses Central and North East Florida. His duties include trade development and assisting Austrian citizens in need. A former Chancellor of The Consular Corps College, he received a medal for Services to Diplomacy from the City of Fort Lauderdale and is a regular speaker at Diplomatic events. Unwin is the co-founder of Premonition (www.Premonition.ai), the World’s largest litigation database and the first company to analyze lawyer win rates.

He is the bestselling author of several books, 10 patents and a video series teaching commercial property investment, owning developments throughout Florida. Unwin founded NetSearch, one of the most profitable Internet companies in Europe and sits on numerous boards such as Maximum Life Medical Research Foundation and the Central Florida Ballet. National Rowing Championship winner and accomplished pilot, he holds a World airspeed record. He speaks five languages and studied International Commercial Law at Kings College London.


Hon. Toby Unwin


Central and North East Florida




Trade development, Austrians in need